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BALIS - 6 * 0.33L Bottles - Hot Six Pack

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Our unique lemonades will impress you and your guests! Pure as lemonade or to mix with alcohol in the flavors basil-ginger, cranberry-rosemary and pineapple-mint. The right drink for every occasion and with finely sparkling carbonic acid.

  • non-alcoholic
  • Vegan & gluten free
  • Natural fruit sweeteners & extracts
  • climate positive
  • Refreshingly different

GOOD Drinks – Made Easy.

Delivery content:

  • 6x 0.33L bottles


Yes, the delivery intervals and varieties can be adjusted at any time!

Every BALIS bottle and every BALIS can is "More than climate neutral" (climate positive)! For each BALIS, 1KG of CO2 is compensated through climate protection projects - that is 3 times our own product carbon footprint. Our products thus create ecological added value.

If you want to mix our lemonades, you can find recipes for our favorite drinks here.