BALIS Basil – basil ginger drink

Unmistakably green. Unique taste. Not too sweet. Surprisingly versatile.
That’s BALIS – the basil ginger lemonade.

The idea for BALIS basil ginger lemonade came one evening in Loretta Bar in Munich over a fresh gin basil mule. Realising that the drink didn’t just appeal to us but to many others, we had the idea of uniting this unique taste of fresh basil, mildly spicy ginger and finely sour lime in lemonade. The result is a unique green soft drink that can be enjoyed not only as lemonade but with alcohol too. BALIS’s popularity has since spread far beyond Munich, as we are not the only ones who have realized that basil can round off much more than a Caprese salad or a pasta.

At BALIS, good taste is what matters. We therefore place great emphasis on the high quality of our ingredients. We use natural fruit sweetness, natural aromas and ensure conscientious preparation. Our green basil lemonade with its extra shot of ginger is vegan and gluten-free. Everything in, on and around BALIS is sourced from and produced by regional manufacturers – this allows us to guarantee the highest quality standards, and to make a small contribution towards conserving resources thanks to shorter supply routes.

In addition to the unadulterated lemonade pleasure, you can easily mix BALIS basil ginger lemonade with various alcoholic beverages. Amongst our current favorites are the refreshing aperitif BALIS Spritz and the BALIS Mule, which can be prepared with gin, vodka or amaro. A slice of lime, fresh basil and a little ice are all you need to easily and quickly conjure up the perfect drink for any occasion. You can find more in the drinks section.

With that in mind – cheers!